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Inside Out

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When I started my health and fitness journey in 2013, I never expected that my inside would be transformed as well.


Let me go back for a minute.  I think we all have this backwards look at health and fitness… that it is either entirely unattainable to us, people who are fit were born that way, or that it should be easier than it is — a quick fix.  Well thankfully, it isn’t any of those!




You want to be healthy and fit?  Then start.  Put one foot in front of the other.  Do your research… find out what works for you.  Find a healthy meal plan… I hear that Fit Fixins is pretty awesome, wink wink!  Anyone can take this journey.  It may take a while, or you may be in the fast lane but either way, you will get results if you are putting the work in.


And, lets just debunk the theory that you have to be born “that way.”  Not true.  We are all born as babies. Period.  No super weight loss powers, no baby is born with lean muscle mass… in fact as babies we are covered in a nice layer of protective padding… fat!!  We learn by our environment as children… how to be active, how to eat properly.  We are all raised differently.  But at some point, we get to make our own decisions about health and fitness.  Sometime around middle school right?  You decide you want to be on the basketball team or the track team… and that salad bar in the cafeteria looks pretty good, right? This journey is also a decision, recommitting to this lifestyle is a decision.


Lastly… please to NOT make this a quick fix.  Crash dieting, starving ourselves, obsessively counting calories, taking weight loss pills… none of these options are good ideas.  In fact over 65% of people who lose weight through crash dieting will regain ALL their weight lost during that time within three years.  It is also super unhealthy and puts way too much stress on our organs.  I would know… I was anorexic back in 2002.  I starved my 5 foot 7 inch body down to 100 lbs.  Do you know what that looks like?  My eyes has that sunken look, my hair was falling  out, my collar bone, elbows, hip bones, ribs… you name it all  my bones stuck out like a skeleton wearing a wet blanket.  But the scariest part?  My liver started to fail and I had taxed my spleen to the point of hospitalization.  S-C-A-R-Y.  Don’t do this to your body… it is NOT healthy.


Commit to a daily workouts, clean eating and proper portion sizes (I’m not talking small portions… just the RIGHT portions) and you will see results.  But let’s get back to my inside.  All of this sounds great… but all the while, I was transforming my inside…  my emotional and mental state as well.


Education and personal development reading can do wonders for your soul.  I started my education on clean eating and fitness nutrition on my own when I started my weight loss journey.  Just knowing MORE about my body and how it works and what it does with the food I am eating is EMPOWERING!  You should try it.  When I am coaching my clients, I always do an exercise with them for their brain.  I encourage them to do research on their own.  There is so much information out there and I recommend you get your brains on it!


Personal development reading?  Don’t know what I mean by that?  That’s ok, I didn’t either.  I  love to read…. fiction.  The thought of reading nonfiction just doesn’t sound like a good time to me. Until I started doing it.  Personal development is just as important as transforming our physical bodies.  I have gained more confidence in myself, I am a happier person all around and I feel more empowered and educated.  Right now, I am in the middle of reading “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero and it is amazing.  Another great book for learning about your body and the importance of nutrition is “The Body Book” by Cameron Diaz.  But there are personal development books out there for everyone.  I have read quite a few over the past year and a half and would be happy to help you find one that works for you!


So, work on your inside while you are working on your outside, you can thank me later!



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