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What I Wish I Knew Then

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Hindsight is a silly thing isn’t it.  Don’t you wish you would take the advice of the older and wiser people that you know and never question it? What if you did this… what if you started that… what if you took that chance… what if… UGH!!!!!  IF IF IF.  How about what will happen WHEN?!

Here is what I want you to know about my health and fitness journey…

10 Things I wish I knew in my “pre-fit” life.


Yes you read that right.  I used to wear workout clothes.  All day.  Some days, they were also my pajamas and then what I wore the next day too.  Same outfit.  (cringe!) I had no excuse, other than I was a new mommy and I didn’t care enough about my appearance.  But one thing was very clear… I was NOT a fit person… I was just a mess, wearing yoga pants.  But now, workout clothes have become my favorite wardrobe.  And it is totally acceptable for me!  I get up and workout first thing in the morning.  Some days I am busy and don’t change right away.  But it is ok… cause I worked out.  That is how I rationalize it.  Now if only I could excuse the fact I haven’t showered……….


You know when you have a trainer, or you have an at home workout DVD, or maybe you found a workout in a magazine… there are ALWAYS instructions for proper form.  Now, yes… part of that is so that you don’t HURT yourself.  But another part of that is so you MAXIMIZE your results.  Yes.  Maximize!!!  You can squat half assed (no pun intended) all day long and you will be exhausted but you can get away with doing less if you are using proper form.  There is a REASON that you hear those trainers giving you detailed instruction on form throughout a workout.  Listen. To. Them. I know in my heart that I have the awesome results I have partly because I am a HUGE stickler when it comes to form. — Just ask my challengers… they probably hate when I start preaching about form.


I really shouldn’t have to elaborate on this.  Do some research.  I mean, come on… there are people out there who have done experiments with fast food.  They leave it on their kitchen counters for days, months, years and nothing happens to it.  It doesn’t change, mold, decay… at all.  Ew.  Eat clean.  Eat whole, natural foods.  Bottom line.  The crap that is easy and doesn’t require you to do anything but pull up to the second window is just that… CRAP.  Don’t eat it.  So glad my kids will not be eating that stuff ever again.


I used to have this theory that I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I worked out or ran for hours and hours.  I mean I literally rationalized OUT LOUD that I could eat that entire double cheeseburger and fries (from a drive through… ew) and large Coke because I had ran 3 miles that morning.  That is NOT how this works.  If you want to truly be healthy, you need to eat clean, whole and natural foods.  Um, see a pattern here!?  You know what else I used to rationalize?  That if I skipped a meal I could splurge… and that if I skipped a meal AND worked out that day…???  WATCH OUT!  I was going to town on some seriously awful food.  Just stop.  This is all wrong.  Repeat after me… I will eat whole, natural foods….


I was pretty big into hydration and drinking water every day before… but now??  Now that I am working out daily, eating clean and have revamped my insides… I am thirsty ALL. THE. TIME.  I want to drink all the water.  Like, all of it.  In the world.  I crave water.  Nice, cold, regular water.  Come on, I know it, and you know it.  Our bodies NEED water to survive.  Do not deprive yourself of this most natural thing.  Drink the water.  But not all of it…. save some for me 😉


Not that my kids were sedentary by any means before, but ever since Mike and I fully committed to this awesome lifestyle, our boys have followed suit.  Besides the fact that they actually ask for clean and healthy foods… but I find them in our home gym sometimes just “lifting weights” or working with the agility ladder.  All on their own!!  (Proud mom moment!!!!)  Sometimes they join us in our workouts.  Sometimes they do their own version of yoga.  They are beyond active now, and that makes my heart happy!  Make it a family affair.  Set the example.  Be the example.  End the trend.


Shocking, right?  There has never ever not once, EVER been a moment where I sat back and regretted this decision.  The decision to take control over my health and fitness.  I don’t regret getting in the best shape of my life.  I don’t regret giving up all that crap… I won’t even call it food because I don’t consider eating chemicals.. food.  I don’t regret getting my family involved.  I don’t regret getting my friends involved.  I don’t regret becoming a coach and REALLY getting other people involved in CHANGING THEIR LIVES.  This entire experience has been so incredibly rewarding, I cannot even put it into words. Has it been easy?  Heck no!  It has been hard.  Some days, really hard… and sore… very sore.  And sometimes it has been frustrating.  But I have learned to trust the process.  No regrets.


When I entered into this fitness world, I never knew that I was not only about to gain a new, confident me.  But I was about to gain a whole new set of friends, and even some friends from long ago that I have had the privilege to reconnect with. My FitFam!  It is so great to surround myself with like-minded people.  People who want to see ME succeed as much as I want that for them.  It truly is uplifting and wonderful… to have so much positivity in my life.  Are you looking for a set of new friends?

9.  SUCCESS!!!

Of course I am happy about my own success with this journey, but there is NOTHING like getting a text or phone call from someone saying that I inspired them and that they are down 5lbs…. 10lbs.. 20lbs!  My heart has never been more full.  Seeing and hearing about other challenger’s success in their own journey literally renders me SPEECHLESS.  I genuinely am so happy for anyone who takes the step and fully commits to a healthy new lifestyle.  I guess that is something that comes along with being content with yourself… if you are, then what matters more is the happiness of the people around you… the people from #8.. my new friends.  And that leads me to….


Finally.  I have spent the majority of my life looking in the mirror and finding SOMETHING wrong.  Whether it was my hair, my skin, my legs, my stomach… I could be more graphic but you get the gist.  For most of my life, regardless of how much I weighed, or how fit I was… I always found something to hate in that mirror.  But, FINALLY.  I don’t.  I still have areas of improvement, we all do.  But I don’t hate them.  I embrace them as something I get to work on.  I love that girl looking back at me.  Not just the outside.  But the inside too.  This hasn’t just been a physical journey, it has been emotional too.  Just as I forced myself to step on that scale on weigh in days, I forced myself to truly examine who I am as a woman, a wife, a mother, a friend.  Some days I would see something that needed work.  And just like the physical parts that need some work… I just dealt with it.  Worked on it.  Embraced it.

Wow.  That was cleansing!  Would you believe I started writing this from scratch… no outline… no direction?!  It all just came out…  just like my journey.  One step at a time.

Hindsight.  Get yourself some!  ~Joslin



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