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Menu & Nutritional Information

Our team of chefs at Fit Fixins have created an extensive menu of delicious meal options guaranteed to please any palate. We have combined our passion for culinary excellence with our knowledge of proper nutrition to assemble a variety of healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner servings which allow our clients the opportunity to discover that low calorie does not mean low quality.

How to get started:

1) Decide on a meal plan.
2) Call Fit Fixins (772-519-1271) to create your account.
3) Inform customer service of any dietary restrictions or food allergies you may have.
4) Provide location for drop-off and payment information.

How we select the meals you will be receiving:

Because of our unique approach of providing an 8 week rotating menu of over 80 dishes, we are often asked how the meals are selected for our clients each week. As stated above, upon creating an account, new clients are asked to provide dietary restrictions and/or food allergies to our customer service department which then shapes the outcome of which meals each client receives from our menu.

Clients that are generally open to most foods and just want to eat clean will receive the most variety in their deliveries, however as food restrictions increase, the variety of meals that are available will become more limited.

For clients with very strict diets, we offer a special menu of proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables that can be customized to accommodate those plans. Our goal is always to provide a satisfying experience for each client in every situation.

Vegetarian Menu & Snacks:

We have recently added a delicious Vegetarian menu that is prepared using an array of fresh ingredients and provides meatless options that complement the items offered on our regular Fit Fixins menu each week.

We have also introduced our new delectable, healthy snack menu which are available to add to any delivery. Each snack pack includes:

The Lemon Coco-roon – A moist cookie with a lemony zing!
The Peanut Butter Quinoa Cup – A crunchy cup of peanut butter deliciousness.
The Oatmeal Energy Bar – An energy bar guaranteed to satisfy your midday hunger.
The Banana Power Muffin – A delightful banana, peanut butter muffin with a touch of chocolate sweetness.


If you are interested in adding this snack pack to your next delivery for only $8.00 please contact customer service directly at (772) 519-1271 or via email at

Whether you’re wondering if our services are right for you or you are already a client looking for the upcoming menu or nutritional information on the meals you’ve just received, the link below will give you all the information you need. If you still have additional questions, please feel free to contact our customer service representative at 772-519-1271.

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