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Every meal we prepare is free of hormones, GMOs, gluten, lactose, and are also low fat, low glycemic, and are served in a BPA-free microwave safe container labeled with a full caloric breakdown.

Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Doorstep!

"We take all the hassle out

of shopping, cooking,
and cleaning up"


We offer vegetarian options, and also those with dietary and special need restrictions.

Our extensive menu proves that eating healthy doesn't have to be boring!











We have assembled various meal plans guaranteed to fit any budget. Our standard meal plan operates off our eight week, one-of-a-kind

rotating menu.

















All of our meals are delivered directly to your doorstep twice a week in an insulated cooler bag, with an ice pack, to ensure freshness

upon delivery.

















  • At Fit Fixins, we’ve done all the nutritional research for you, so we know what works for your weight loss and overall fitness. Our 8-week rotating menu of delicious, healthy meals ensures you are never eating the same meals two weeks in a row.
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  • Our team of chefs at Fit Fixins have created an extensive menu of delicious meal options guaranteed to please any palate. We have combined our passion for culinary excellence with our knowledge of proper nutrition to assemble a variety of healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner servings which allow our clients the opportunity to discover that low calorie does not mean low quality.
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  • Our Fit Fixins team takes healthy food preparation seriously. And of course, we have fun doing it! Our meals are expertly planned by our nutrition team and carefully prepared by our chefs. Together, we’re able to create healthy prepared meals to help our clients meet and beat their nutritional goals.
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  • How do I receive my meals each week? We deliver our meals straight to your home or office, whichever you prefer. Meals are delivered twice a week, Sunday & Wednesday evenings, usually between 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
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  • With Fit Fixins meal service, you no longer have to decide what to cook for dinner, or go to the grocery store to buy food. We deliver twice a week to make sure you always have fresh, quality food in the fridge. Unlike other meal prep services, Fit Fixins uses an 8 week rotating menu of delicious, healthy meals so you are never eating the same meals two weeks in a row (or 8 weeks in a row for that matter!). And we’ve done all the nutrition research for you, so we know what works and what doesn’t for weight loss and overall fitness.
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  • In keeping with our high standards of food quality, we have assembled an extensive variety of appetizing meals that are low sodium, low glycemic, and gluten free.
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  • How many calories are in each meal? Individual nutrition facts can be found on our Menu page, but most meals range between 250-400 calories per meal. What if I’m a vegetarian? We offer a variety of specialty meal plans including vegetarian, paleo, carb-cycling, etc. Just let us know what your needs are and we will work together to get the best meal plan for you.
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  • How do I pick my meals? We take the guess-work out of eating healthy, so there is no need to pick your meals each week. When you sign up, you’ll let us know about any allergies, likes and dislikes and then we’ll deliver only foods you like. So I can pick my meals if I want to? Yes, we do allow clients to pick their meals and you can find out more information on how to do this by contacting customer service at 772-519-1271 or emailing us at info@fitfixins.net.
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From kitchen to doorstep, each meal is handled by people who care about the clients they serve.

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