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Select from our wide variety of signature created dishes and specialty meal options. Fit Fixins offers over 250 meal option that rotate throughout an 8-week menu cycle.


All of our meals are fully cooked and portioned in a BPA free container. Everything is prepared in our fully licensed & inspected 2500 sq ft commercial kitchen in Port St Lucie.


Choose between in store pick up or contact-free delivery in the Treasure Coast area.


Our meal containers are both microwavable and oven sustainable. In just minutes you will be enjoying restaurant quality meals from the comfort of your own home.

Our Weekly Menu


Ann A.

These meals are absolutely amazing. I wish I had started ordering sooner. I have yet to have one I didnt like. The menu is ways changing so you never get bored

Bridget E.

Fit Fixins is an amazing family-owned business that does a great deal of good for our community. Awesome owners and extensive options.

Jennifer V.

Love the freshness and customized meal plans. I have my lunches delivered from Fit Fixins twice a week. Such a life saver to have fresh food prepared exactly the way I want it.

Salomon R.

Amazing food amazing service, no reason to eat unhealthy when you have a meal prep company like this where you can pick up food at their store.

Lexi H.

Everything tastes amazing. If you want healthy and delicious food. This is your place!!

Scott L.

The food is fantastic. The portions are great!

Frequently Asked Questions

What days do you deliver?

We delivery every Sunday and Wednesday evening between 3:00-8:30 PM. You do not have to be home at the time of delivery. Your food will be delivered in an insulated cooler tote with an ice pack and you will be notified via text that your food has been delivered.

How often does the menu change?

The menu changes each week so that our customers can choose from a variety of different flavors and don't get tired of eating the same thing again and again.

How do I heat my meals?

We recommend heating meals in the microwave for 60-90 seconds depending on the strength of your microwave. You can also heat meals in the oven.

Do I need to be home to receive my delivery?

No, because we deliver your meals in an insulated cooler tote with an icepack you do not need to be home at the time of delivery. We will knock first and if no one answers the door we will leave your meals and text or call you to let you know your meals have been delivered.

What do I do with my insulated cooler tote and ice pack after my meals have been delivered?

After your first delivery we ask that you begin to leave your empty cooler bag and ice pack outside your front door for the delivery driver to collect at your next delivery. You will continue this rotation until your last delivery at which time you are able to keep your last bag. If you forget to leave your bag and ice pack out simply return two at your next delivery.

What does a subscription mean?

A subscription is simply signing up for a weekly auto-billing and can be canceled at any time with a five day notice. With a subscription you will always receive 10% off your weekly total. You can also skip deliveries any time you need as well.

I am not sure that I want to commit to a subscription just yet, can I just try it for a week first?

Yes, by placing an a la carte order you can place a one-time order with no commitments.

What do I do if I think there's a problem with my order or I need to make any changes?

If you ever need any assistance at all please contact us at 772-519-1271 or info@fitfixns.net. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and are confident you will enjoy our service.

Do you offer low sodium options?

Though our meals are lower in sodium than eating out or fast food restaurants are we still do not generally fall in the below 300mg range. Should you need sodium free meals we suggest our By The Pound menu or contact us at 772-519-1271 for custom sodium free meal options.

How much food is in each portion size?

On the Lifestyle menu, our Standard meals are 4oz of cooked protein, 2.5oz of the vegetable and 2.5oz of the carbohydrate. The Medium meal size contains 6oz of cooked protein, 3.25oz of vegetable and 3.25oz of carbohydrate. The Hearty size meals contain 8oz of cooked protein, 4oz of vegetables and 4oz of carbohydrate. The Athlete size portions are 6oz of cooked protein, 5oz of vegetables and 7-8oz of carbohydrate. Keto meals range from 5-7oz of cooked protein and 3.5-5oz of vegetables. Plant based meals do not have a set portion size and can vary by the meal.

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