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At Fit Fixins, we’re passionate about helping others. We can help you find the best version of YOU with the least amount of effort!

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Our Story

Clyde Tiger, founder of Fit Fixins, believes that no reward can be achieved without first taking a risk and in 2011, after losing over 50 lbs. through proper diet and exercise, that is just what he did. Throughout the course of his weight loss journey, Tiger got a taste of teaching others how to live a healthier lifestyle and in early 2011 he finally made a decision to leave a 15 year career in the construction industry to pursue his new found passion of helping people achieve their ideal fitness levels.

Working as personal trainer at a local gym in St. Lucie West, FL, Tiger was finally pursuing his dreams. However, not long into his personal training career, he was faced with a challenge – his clients were not seeing the results they were working so hard for. After some investigation, he realized that no matter how hard his clients trained, if they didn’t eat properly in between training sessions, the results would just not be there.

During his own personal journey, Tiger had acquired the knowledge of proper nutrition and the huge effect it has on overall fitness, but he was well aware of the many misconceptions society still has regarding diet and nutrition.

While staying true to his passion of helping people lose weight and improve their health, he began preparing healthy food for two of his clients. Word spread quickly and within a few weeks he was preparing meals for 10 clients in the evening while continuing to work as a personal trainer during the day. The days began to run together with the increasing number of people requesting meals and Tiger was faced another tough decision. It was time to take another risk and in early 2014 Tiger opened his own meal prep business, Fit Fixins, and the results have been overwhelming. In just a matter of months Tiger went from less than 10 clients to preparing and delivering close to 1,000 meals a week.

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Something Different

Fit Fixins uses an 8 week rotating schedule menu of delicious, healthy meals. You will never eat the same meal two weeks in a row. Not if we can help it.

So Boring

Identifying the reasons most people don’t eat well – limited time and resources, lack of variety in foods, limited knowledge, and faulty belief systems.

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Fresh & Innovative

Tiger created his own unique style of meal preparation services to fight these causes and make it easy for his clients to achieve their ideal body and health.

Let’s Work Together!

Let Fit Fixins start you on a healthy journey for the rest of your life.