Milk Egg

#33 Keto Green Chili Enchilada Bake


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Milk Egg


Cilantro (1.00 tbsp) (Prod. Price: $0.00)
Yellow Onions (1.00 oz) (Prod. Price: $0.00)
Bell Pepper (1.00 oz) (Prod. Price: $0.00)
Sour Cream (1.00 oz) (Prod. Price: $0.00)
Blended Oil (1.00 tbsp) (Prod. Price: $0.00)
Chicken (1.00 oz) (Prod. Price: $0.00)
Keto Lasagna Noodle for Green Chili Enchilada (1.00 cup) (Prod. Price: $0.00)
Keto Green Enchilada Sauce (1.00 Box) (Prod. Price: $0.00)
Cheddar Jack Mix (1.00 cup) (Prod. Price: $0.00)

How to prepare

Microwave image

Heat in microwave 60-90 seconds.

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